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It truly takes a Village

By Gillian Yuan BN BSc MBEC

How far would you go to help your child?

Recently, my son had been having difficulty with classmates at school, or maybe he had been having difficulty all this past year, and I finally clued in when he kept missing school because of stomach aches and trying to avoid school. That coupled with the policies around Covid had him missing way more school than usual, and it was driving me nuts! It was very challenging navigating continuing to run my coaching business while having him at home and keeping up with school work. Finally one day, a light bulb went off and I realized that these stomach aches may have been more a physical response to something that was happening at school.

Once I had a heart-to-heart with him and really showed him that I was on his side and wanted the best for him, he was ready to tell me all of what had been happening at school and how he truly felt about school. Without going into too much detail, I will just say that sometimes it’s hard being the new kid, especially when you’re quieter and also not “rough and tough” like many of the other kids in his class.

So now that I knew this, and after not getting very far with the school and even looking at other schools for him to attend this coming fall, I had to ask myself if my hubby and I were equipped enough to walk him through this difficult season.

Once I became really honest with myself, the answer was no.

Rather the answer was that I didn’t want to spend the amount of time and energy I knew I would need in order to properly support my son to heal his wounds.

This was a very humbling moment for me, and don’t get me wrong….I would move heaven and earth for my son….but in order to give him the support that he needed, I would require a degree in Child Psychology with a minor in art. So, I allowed myself off the hook AND sought support for him outside of myself and our family.

It has been the best thing ever and I wish I had done it sooner!

My son, who loves art, sees an Art Therapist who specializes in kids with school anxiety and I have seen wonderful progress not only in less anxiety but also in his self-confidence! My hubby and I are also learning new parenting techniques to help support him at home too. This has truly been a life-enhancing experience for all of us!

You may ask, what does this have to do with coaching, Gillian?

Here’s the thing, Mama… How often do we ignore our needs or think that we “should” be able to do it all on our own? We think we should be able to mother independently, improve our body image from within ourselves, figure out our eating on our own, and so on if we just try hard enough!!!

Am I right?

However, I suspect if you were placed in a similar situation with your child needing something that was simply outside your scope of expertise, you would likely seek to find the help that they needed to improve their situation.

So why not do this for yourself?

This is where coaching comes in for you and it is my passion to be available to you to guide you on your journey in motherhood, body image, and eating normally for you and your kids.

I have spent countless time, energy, and money to earn Coaching Certifications and learn about how to help myself and you heal our relationship with food and our bodies, along with 14 years of experience working with moms in various stages of motherhood as a previous registered nurse, along with over 10 years of being a mother myself with some difficult seasons throughout. I have put all of my knowledge, experience, and expertise into helping moms and women flourish along their life journeys so they can truly live their best life! I have experienced the freedom that comes with healing my relationship with food and my body and how the effects overflow into the rest of my life and motherhood, and this is the experience of my clients too!

This is what I want for you too, Mama!

Sometimes it’s difficult to see where you’re stuck when you’re in a difficult season. After all, it’s hard to read a label from within the jar, right?

I am here for you and I offer you a different way to get unstuck that is informed by my life experience, certifications, evidence, and my expertise to help you carve a different path from the one society and diet culture may offer you as a quick fix solution. I am here to partner with you to truly find what will help you flourish in your experience of motherhood and life without judgment and with compassion and understanding.

If you see yourself in this story and you would like to experience what a coaching session with me is like, I highly encourage you to hop on my email list to receive a special invitation to a complementary mini-coaching session with me!

If this message leaves you with one takeaway, I hope it’s that:

You are worthy of support, and you do not have to do it alone.

It not only takes a village to raise a child but also one to support a mother!


Gillian Yuan BN BSc MBEC

Mom Transformation Coach

*The information in this blog is for educational purposes only. Gillian Yuan is not a registered health care professional or mental health professional, please speak with your healthcare providers before implementing any health or mental health information.

Copyright Gillian Yuan July 2022. Please email for permission to use/reprint any information within this document.

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