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Permission to Rest, Mama

I don’t know about you Mama, but once school was finished this year, I felt like I was also finished. I felt like my brain had actually left my body and then my body said “no more hustling!!!”. So, I had an unplanned break and it continues, for the most part.

This week, my son is in a summer day camp that he is really enjoying! I had planned on getting work done and planning for September,

but still, my mind and body have said, nope, not today! So, what have I done you may ask? I met with a good friend who usually lives on the other side of the world and we went for a long walk along the river pathway in my city. I have spent time with my puppy, read some of the books I have on the go, drank lemonade on my patio, gone on a date with my hubby, and done some diamond “dot” art with my son in the evening (it's really cool, I highly recommend it). It has been a slow week, but my soul needs this.

How often do we, as Moms, push through to do something we had planned even though

our bodies and minds are screaming NO!? The ability to listen to what we need on a mind, body, and soul level is called attunement. Sometimes attunement can be subtle and you really have to pause and listen, and sometimes it can be loud and tell you for sure what you need, or do not need.

Today, Mama, I offer you the opportunity and permission to take that rest you maybe hadn’t

planned, take a moment for some deep breaths, and tune into yourself. I give you permission to say no to something you had planned, or yes to something you hadn't. Once you are fully ready, you will take the next step, and do the things you had planned to do…but for now, take a moment to give yourself the rest you have been longing for. You are worthy of rest, Mama.

I look forward to writing the blog post I had planned to write this week, once my mind, body, and soul are ready. Enjoy your rest too, Mama.



Gillian Yuan


Life Transformation Mom Coach

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