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The Transition To Motherhood

When I speak of a period of time in which humans undergo significant hormonal and body changes that impact their thoughts and behavior and include rapid growth…you may think I’m talking about adolescence. However, I’m actually speaking about Matrescence…the transition to motherhood. Yes! There is a term for this amazing shift that is not only physical, but mental, emotional, and spiritual! I am so excited to share this with you!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a lifelong learner. In fact, I like to call myself a professional learner! I love learning new things in areas I’m passionate about, and I am passionate about mothers! I recently began a coaching certification all about Matrescence. Once I’m finished I will be an Internationally Certified Matrescence Coach thanks to Amy Taylor-Kabbaz and I’m so excited to share my learnings with you!!

Matrescence is the complete transformation and identity shift of a woman as she moves through motherhood from pre-conception to pregnancy and birth, surrogacy or adoption to the postnatal period and beyond (Dr. A. Athan). It includes the bio-psycho-social, economic, cultural, and spiritual transitions a mother experiences. (Amy Taylor- Kabbaz, 2022)

The theory of Matrescence provides a destigmatized lens which empowers mothers to use their own agency to identify, explore, cope with, and determine their own destinies on their own unique terms(Dr. A. Athens & A. Taylor-Kabbaz). Matrescence is the missing link to understanding the journey of motherhood.

Matrescence ultimately stems from the term adolescence, it is maternal adolescence, in a way. Prior to the term adolescence and the understanding that children go through various hormonal, physiological and psychological shifts on their way through puberty, people simply thought these were kids going crazy! Matrescence is another period of huge hormonal, physiological and psychological shifts that mothers experience. This shift has previously not made much sense to the outside world, or people close to the mother. Matrescence gives a term and an explanation of these major shifts, powered by the hormone oxytocin and the various hormone shifts that occur in the journey and transition into motherhood and beyond!

This is not an exhaustive introduction to Matrescence, I could probably write a whole book on it! I am so excited to be able to put a term to the shift that I have seen and experienced throughout my work with mothers and my own journey as a mother. Join me, as I learn more and share more about this incredible transformation to motherhood and beyond!

Have you heard the term Matrescence before? Is it helpful to know that the transitions you have been going through are experienced by other Mamas too? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!



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