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Empowering Moms to lose the guilt, eat, thrive, and raise vibrant kids!

 Mama, are you tired of constantly feeling like you need to try the next new diet or wellness plan, to be "healthy for your kids"?

Do you feel the pressures of societal expectations not only to be an amazing mom (which you already are), to be the go-to CEO for your family, and to have the body that you had before children? But, you feel exhausted from juggling all of these roles and expectations! You are not alone, I have been there too.  I thought I would "feel myself again" if I could just lose the "baby weight", but that was not the case, and I even became ill.  So, I started my journey towards food freedom, health at my own body size, and body acceptance. 

Mama, what if there was a way to just eat normally,  feel good about yourself and your body, and bring in joyful health behaviors at any size?  Then teach your kids these things too?  This is how I help other Moms get the freedom I have found.

I empower Moms, like you, to make peace with food by tuning into their intuition and body cues (Intuitive Eating), accept their body at any size (Body Acceptance and Health at Every Size), and learn key mindset management strategies that help with these, parenting, and the "Mental Load of Motherhood".  I also support Moms to raise their kids to be happy and confident eaters.

This is what I call the


I am excited to guide you on your journey to food peace, body acceptance, and a powerful transformation!

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Are you tired of constantly being on a diet?
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Work With Me

Moms! Lose the guilt, eat, accept your body and raise kids who are happy eaters!


Motherhood : UnDieted Program

12 week Private Coaching
Empowering you to lose the guilt, eat, accept your body and raise your kids to be happy, confident eaters!


Mom Body Trust Program

This introductory program is great for moms from post-pregnancy and beyond.  It is a short program to help you get started on your path to quitting diets, food freedom and accepting your current body!

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Free Discovery Call with Gillian

30 Minute Discovery Call with Gillian Yuan to get to know each other and learn about Gillian's Coaching Style as a Non-Diet Health and Intuitive Eating Coach.

About Me

I am a Non-Diet, Mind-Body-Eating Health Coach who empowers Moms to lose the guilt, eat, accept their bodies and raise kids who are happy eaters and confident in their bodies!

My previous career was as a registered nurse and lactation consultant who worked with Moms and their babies and kids for 14 years. I am also a Mom and wife who had my own challenges with food and body along the way.

Now, I am helping to end the stressful cycles of dieting, emotional eating, and Diet Culture with Moms, so our kids can grow up without disordered eating and feel confident about themselves and their bodies, through Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size and Body Acceptance.

I am so excited that you are here to learn a new way of living and eating intuitively and empowering your kids to do the same!  If you have any questions about this content, please feel free to contact me.



Gillian Yuan